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Filming Weddings in North Wales

Posted by Woodpecker Films on 09.06.2016.

A videographer has the ability to capture moments you never knew existed and turn them into a film. A videographer can do the same thing with your wedding day. Filming a wedding is becoming more popular among marrying couples, and it’s easy to see why.

When your wedding day is years in the past, all you will have is your wedding album, your memories and, hopefully, a short and intimate film of the day itself. If you want to be able to remember exactly what your wedding day was like, then filming it is the answer. 

If your wedding day is fast-approaching and you want to find a videographer who’s a cut above the rest then choose Woodpecker Films. Favouring a natural, personal approach, we will be a discreet presence on the day, capturing all the best moments on film. We can turn your wedding into a visual masterpiece, bringing the events of the day to life on screen. 
Based in North Wales but operating across the UK, we can be on hand to film your special day. 

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