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Music and Song Choices

We will use an audio track for the trailer film we put together for you. We would like you to choose a song of your choice for this. We also ask for a couple of choices in case the chosen song doesn't quite fit in with the footage we have filmed / edited. 

You may wish to choose a instrumental songs or recordings from live acts, singers or musicians from your wedding day (you would need to supply this on CD or MP3 or inform us before your wedding day to allow us to record this audio) If you do have any live acts that are playing instruments or singing on your wedding day please inform them we may be recording part or their entire act to use on the DVD or film for copyright. 

We understand this is a very difficult decision to make choosing songs for your Film, choose songs you like and enjoy. If you have Spotify you can find lots of wedding playlists on there. Also have a look at Wedding Songs by Hitched for some inspiration. 

We also give you the option to add some additional items to your order below. Please indicate if you would like to add any of the below additional items. 

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